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Eily    2019-01-22 14:32:20 UTC
hash, not Hash
Eily    2019-01-22 14:31:58 UTC
and Hash(int) just returns the value of the int...
Eily    2019-01-22 14:31:30 UTC
where K is, as far as I can tell, the power of two above the number of elements
Eily    2019-01-22 14:31:11 UTC
so, it looks like sets are actually a K-long list, where elements are stored at Hash(element)%K
marto    2019-01-22 14:14:59 UTC
the perl philosopher, always asking 'why?'
Eily    2019-01-22 14:11:20 UTC
so in conclusion, he doesn't know either, and probably starts to wonder why I keep asking him so many python implementation questions when I'm just going to do everything in perl anyway xD
Eily    2019-01-22 14:10:31 UTC
my parentheses are a mess :P
Eily    2019-01-22 14:10:12 UTC
I've asked my pythonist friend about the set order thing (turns out they're not actually sorted), (10..19, "Hello") will put the Hello between 12 and 13

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